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IP University Question Papers

Brief description of this website:

At least make available online, all the question papers of the exams which I have personally sat in, during my four years of B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering in MAIT.(2003-2007)

About Guru Gobind Singh Indraprstha University (GGSIPU)

Question Papers:

Semester wise break-up:

  1. First Semester        (IC, Phy-I, CS-I, MP, Chem-I, Math-I)
  2. Second Semester   (PAC, Phy-II, CS-II, EM, Chem-II, Math-II, E.Sc.)
  3. Third Semester       (Math-III, AE-I, FCS, C&S, OOP, DS)
  4. Fourth Semester     (EMT, AE-II, DCS-I, CSC, CGM, OS-I)
  5. Fifth Semester        (DCS-II, uP-I, CA, TCN, DBMS)
  6. Sixth Semester       (uP-II, uWave, DSP, DCN, VLSI)
  7. Seventh Semester   (Control Systems, Software Engg., N/W Tech, Optical Comm, Advanced VLSI, ACA, ACN, MC) 
  8. Eighth Semester      Sorry, I left the papers at my old place.. wont be able to put them up :-(

Misc. USEFUL Stuff:

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All those people who have been bugged by Linux in their college labs, but have Windows at home and cannot install Linux by any means, these tools are a must.

Simulations and Lab Assignments and other stuff can be found on the resources page.

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