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CommSim Simulations

The practical experiments class of the Communication Systems & Circuits (CSC, IV Sem) requires us to perform several experiments, including, AM/FM generation detection etc. At the end of the semester, we are required to submit 5 simulations for the final practical exam. The Teacher requests only for the hard copy though, even if everyone submits the same printout, but insists that it not be a photocopy.

You can make the simulations on CommSim demo, which comes with MultiSim. You will be able to find a few simulations in the sample circuits folder of CommSim itself. But those of you who do not have CommSim, I have made a ready to print set of 6 simulations.

Note: When you click on a thumbnail, the full-size image will appear. Your browser may resize this image, so it may look distorted. Clicking on the image(in Mozilla/Firefox) or the Expand button which appears after hovering on the image(in IE), will show the image in good clarity.

Amplitude Modulation:

Click for AM

Frequency Modulation:

Click for FM

FM Detection

Click for FM Demodulation

Sampling and Reconstruction

Click for Sampling

Pulse Position Modulation

Click for PPM

Frequency Shift Keying

Click for FSK


If you do have CommSim installed, here are some .vsm files. But they may not be the same as above, and are not complete in number because the demo did not permit me to save the files I made. But you can easily use the images I captured listed above and print them.

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