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Here are the names and descriptions of the ICs used in the Lab.:
7400Quad 2 I/P NAND gates
7402Quad 2 I/P NOR gates
7404Eight NOT gates(Hex Inverter)
7408Quad 2 I/P AND gates
7432Quad 2 I/P OR gates
7486Quad 2 I/P XOR gates
7410Two 3 I/P NAND gates
7411Two 3 I/P AND gates
74153Dual 4:1 MUX
7472Gated Master Slave JK Flip Flop
7474Dual D Flip Flop
7476Dual JK Fip Flop

Here is the list of experiments along with the ICs required for each:
1Binary to GrayNOT AND OR XOR
2Gray to BinaryAND OR XOR
3BCD to Excess-3NOT AND OR XOR
4Half/Full AdderAND OR XOR
5Half/Full SubtractorAND OR XOR
6Half/Full Adder using 4:1 MUXNOT 4:1 MUX
7Half/Full Subtractor using 4:1 MUXNOT 4:1 MUX
8Ripple CounterGated JK MS
9Synchronous CounterDual JK AND NOT
10Shift CounterDual D
117-Segment Display7447 7-Segment
12R2R Ladder D/A ConverterOP-AMP
13Astable Multivibrator555