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Through this website, an attempt is being made to provide all the previous year question papers on-line.
Currently work is underway only for the B.Tech. Stream question papers.
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End-Term Examination

First Semester [B.Tech] – December 2003

Paper Code : ETEL – 111 Subject : Communication Skills-I

Time : 3 Hours

Maximum Marks : 75

Note : Attempt any 5 questions in all.

Q1 Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end:

(a) Where did the non voilent movements take place?

(b) What was Gandhiji's achievement in South Africa?

© What was the reaction in India?

(d)Why did Gandhiji suspend his movement?

(e)Give meanings of any two words:

(i)repealed (ii)equanimity (iii)degenerate

Q2 Write a precis of the passage given below and suggest a suitable title:

Q3 Define high context and low context culture. Distinguish between the two kinds.
What is satellite technology how has it influenced our lives?

Q4 Write short notes on ANY TWO of the following:

  1. Essentials of scientific paper writing.

  2. Cellular Telephony

  3. Oral presentation.

Q5 Give the technical description of any one of the following:

  1. Floppy disk

  2. Earthquake

  3. Microwave oven

Q6 Make sentences with any THREE pairs:

  1. Insensible,senseless

  2. Refuge,refuse

  3. Loose,lose

  4. Zealot,devotee

Q7 Give one word substitutions for ANY FOUR of the following:

  1. Deviation from a common rule

  2. Murder or murderer of a King

  3. Unable to pay his debt

  4. A person who is indifferent to pain and pleasure

  5. Knowing everything

Q8 Give the meaning of ANY FOUR of the following:

  1. Non-pareil

  2. Debut

  3. In toto

  4. Vide

  5. Ad nauseum

Q9 Give a synonym for each:

insipid, argue, regal, open

Q10 Correct the sentences(any 4):

  1. A Scissor is lying on the table.

  2. 'Tales from Shakespeare' have always been popular.

  3. My uncles asked myself and my brother to see him in the evening.

  4. Count the book's pages.

  5. Each of us are doing our work.

  6. He is the man whom I thought was the winner.

Q11 Use any 5 idioms from following in your sentences:

  1. Look blank

  2. Fits and starts

  3. red letter day

  4. wild goose chase

  5. gift of the gab

  6. lion's share

Q12 Give antonyms of any four:

Relevant, adroit, gigantic, enrich, precise

Q13 Do as directed(any 8):-

  1. I shall not be back _____________the end of the week. (preposition)

  2. This book is a good one; I read it.(join using relative pronoun)

  3. He said to me “You are lucky and I am unlucky”.(change of voice)

  4. Her company was _______ after all.(seek)

  5. The sun has _______.(rise)

  6. Give the order.(passive)

  7. Lets cancel the program.(add question tag)

  8. ____ Ganges is ___ sacred river.(articles)

  9. I am in the right _____ you are in the wrong.(conjunctions)

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