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Through this website, an attempt is being made to provide all the previous year question papers on-line.
Currently work is underway only for the B.Tech. Stream question papers.
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I Terminal Examination

First Semester [B.Tech] - December 1999

Paper Code : ETIC – 109 Subject : Introduction to Computers

Time : 90 minutes

Maximum Marks : 30

Note : Attempt any 3 questions in all.

1. Do the following conversions:


  1. (110011)2 to Decimal.
  2. (12917)10 to Octal then Hexadecimal.
  3. (11010.101) to Decimal
  4. Subtract 1010101 from 1010010 using two`s compliment
  5. Multiply 101101 by 101

2. Prepare a Flow Chart and Algorithm to find roots of a given quadratic equation.

3.             (6)

  1. Explain volatile and non-volatile memory with examples.
  2. Explain various I/O devices.

4. Find syntax errors in the following:


  1. char number=7;
  2. int num=5.2;
  3. printf("Hello);

for an integer i, calculate using heirarchy

     4.    i=3.9*3+4/9*6-2*5

     5.    5*3+2+3/4%2

5. Write a program in `C` to find the smallest of the three numbers A, B, C.

6. Write a program in `C` to find whether a given number is even and greater than 15.

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