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Notice : If you will try to print these scanned papers, you will waste a lot of printer ink. Only the papers which have been typed, are worth printing. These papers should be just looked at on the computer.

(Please write your Roll No. immediately)

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First Term Examination (Re-appear)

First Semester [B.Tech] - September 2004

Paper Code : ETMA – 101 Subject : Applied Mathematics - I.

Time : 1 1/2  Hours

Maximum Marks : 30

Note : Attempt any 3 questions in all.

About the poor quality : I had to keep the size of the images REALLY small! (1MB compressed to 70 KB)

Moreover, I didn't have a scanner, I used my Digital Camera (Oregon Scientific thincam DS6628) to snap these pictures. It brought up really nice pictures, but the images lost their quality while decreasing the color depth and compressing them.

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